God laughs

Religion is made of stern stuff,

Thou shalt, and thou shalt not,

But, I suspect,

That my God is not a stiff god,

He laughs, he jokes,

He is funny,

That’s no blasphemy

‘Cause Laughter is good,

Tears are sad,

And God is good.


I’m a Balloon

Fragile and fleeting, yet flying high,

Eureka! I discovered buoyancy,

Squeaky clean, shakes off the dust,

Gravel dust to dust, gravity overcome,

Untethered and wild, no domestic ties,

Nests and safety nets left behind,

For trampoline skies.


I’m a balloon, I’m a balloon, I’m a balloon,

Out in space, all orbs are one,

Little gnabs, Big bangs,

Home at last.